Irkutsk State University

Rector's Message

Dear colleagues: students, post-graduates, lecturers and researchers,

rectorThe Irkutsk State University, one of the oldest universities in Siberia, possesses considerable educational and scientific potential. We have one separate branch of the university, five educational institutes, ten faculties, 109 departments, a Center for Advanced Training and Retraining, three research institutes, an Inter-regional Institute of Social Sciences, a department for post-graduate and doctoral courses, a Center of New Informational Technologies, the Baikal Research and Education Center, a virtual university, the Confucius Institute, scientific and educational libraries, a UNESCO Chair for Water Resources, an astronomical observatory, a botanical garden and several educational practice centers.

Two hundred post-graduate and doctoral students currently study with us in 49 different fields. Scientific guidance is carried out by 150 scientists, among whom there are 90 Doctors of Science. These include six full members and two corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science, as well as 30 members of the Branch and Social Academies of Science. Six Thesis Councils in 14 scientific specialties work at ISU.

Our University offers many possibilities for the integration of scientific resources from foreign universities. We have 61 cooperative agreements with universities in Europe Asia, America, and Australia. Our scientific schools are internationally known in the fields of fluorescence, ionosphere physics, high energy physics, physical chemistry and catalysis, inorganic chemistry and ore-dressing, macromolecular chemistry, differential and integral equations, optimal control theories, algebra and mathematical logic, the biology and ecology of Lake Baikal, microbiology, archeology, ethnography, and political science, as well as contemporary history, philology, geology and geography.

The educational and scientific divisions of Irkutsk State University have considerable experience in different interdisciplinary fields and are ready to work with students. They offer educational programs, usage of pedagogical innovations, and information technologies, all of which are in tune with new and progressive information from the international academic community, along with participation in international educational and scientific projects, and the wide academic mobility of students and teachers.

International cooperation in modern socio-cultural, economic and foreign policy conditions is one of our priorities as we continue to develop educational and scientific opportunities here at ISU.

Welcome to Irkutsk State University!

Prof. Alexander V. Arguchintsev

Rector of Irkutsk State University