Irkutsk State University

The Research vessel “Professor M.M. Kozhov”

A modernized ship of the type “Yaroslavez” (a universal service boat designed in 1948).


Vessel characteristics:

  • cruising speed: 8.6 knots (16 km/h)
  • length: 20 m
  • width: about 4 m
  • maximum keel depth: 1.4 m
  • displacement tonnage: 40 tonnes
  • autonomous navigation: during a period of 10–15 days, 1500 km.
  • vessel capacity: 11–12 people 
  • equipment: two electric windlasses; suitable for work with bathometers, lake and ocean plankton nets, sediment samplers, bottom and pelagic trawlings, and benthic dredges. Remote underwater video recording at the daytime and at the nighttime is available. Two living quarters for 6 persons, cook-galley, larder and refrigerator. Favourable terms for the expeditions are within the period May - December.


Background. The former name of the vessel is “Utyos” (“Cliff”). It belonged to the “Baikal” resort. Since 1992 the boat has been operated by Irkutsk State University for research purposes. For 25 years it has been used for carrying out hydrobiological expeditions all around the Lake Baikal as well as for monitoring works at the “station No. 1” – a year-round observation station for sampling plankton. It is situated in front of the ISU Baikal biological station at a distance of 2.7 km from the shore. 


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